There are two things that are considered the lifeline of any business: customer acquisition and customer retention. In recent times, ventures are now more focused in retaining their existing consumer base for the continuance of their growth.

For that matter, proactive customer retention techniques are employed where direct mail marketing also helps. However, this is not all if you want to grow more.

While maintaining customer engagement with existing consumer base, it is important to steer and navigate through opportunities for acquiring new customers. To achieve this, you must have a dynamic customer acquisition practices in place. Targeted mailing lists can really help you in devising a daily mail marketing campaign for better customer acquisition.


Customer acquisition begins with reaching out to non-customers. But here is the tricky part: which segment of non-customers? For any small and medium scale business, in any given demographic, there will always be more noncustomers than customers. So, one must should know the right segment of noncustomers to target.

Targeted mailing lists can greatly assist you in this regard. For instance, specific professionals targeted mailing lists can help you to promote your business specifically to the professions that you think are not in your business ambit right now.

You can also target noncustomers as per their predilections corresponding with your products and services through behavioral interest mailing list.

Let’s suppose you have a clothing retail shop and want to expand your consumer base. You can unearth an entire segment of noncustomers, interested in playing golf, through behavioral interest mailing lists. Now, you can reach out to them through targeted direct mail marketing with offers of polo/tennis shirts, golf trousers and peaked caps.


You might have noticed that most of your existing consumers belong to the same ethnic and racial group. So, why not reach out to the pool of customers of other communities? You can do it with the help of ethnic targeted mailing lists.

You can design a direct marketing campaign particularly dedicated to certain socio-ethnic segment of the society. This strategy might help you in acquiring more consumers for your business.


No matter how niche-specific your business is, there will always be competitors. One part of customer acquisition involves persuading active customers of your competitors to switch their loyalties. This task can also be carried out by using targeted mailing lists.

Response mailing lists are of great assistance in this regard. You can get the information of all the active customers of the products and services you deal in. You can then offer them with better deals on the items they are purchasing from your competitor establishments through direct mail marketing.

Apart from helping you in increasing your consumer base, targeted marketing also provide with better return on investment because they are cost-effective and agile.  You can pick from a range of targeted mailing list from a professional mailing list broker to start off your customer acquisition marketing campaign. To expand you consumer base, you must also reach out to your inactive customers through direct mail marketing.