Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is one of the time-tested mass promotional methods. Amid this digital mushrooming, EDDM still yields results, given that you are doing it right. Since EDDM campaigns are about reaching out to every recipient in a given zip code, therefore they can get really exhaustive and time-consuming.

Many people take on EDDM promotions but leave it in the middle because of the gravity of the task. As per experienced mailing list brokers, there are ways to cut down the time of devising and executing EDDM promotional campaigns. Let’s have a look at all such measures.

Make Sure You Are Using the Right Mail Piece Size

Many businesses are not even able to begin their EDDM journey because they have picked the wrong size of the mail piece. Keep in mind that USPC facilitates every door direct mail through different protocols. And it comes with a trade-off i.e. you can only use a certain mail size.

If you have finally decided to use EDDM, then make sure you are using the right template for your promotional mail. Otherwise, you only end up increasing the turnaround time with the USPS.

Weight Instead of Counting Your EDDM

A standard EDDM bundle contains anywhere between 50-100 mail pieces. So, decide the size of your bundle ahead of time. Make one with that decided count (e.g. 70 pieces) and then weigh it. After that, just make sure every following bundle weighs the same.

It will save you from counting each and every mail piece of your EDDM dispatch, which will consequently result in conserving a lot of time.

Make and Use a Template of EDDM Facing Slips

Instead of filling out facing slip for every mail bundle for a different route, use a template with common information and make its copies. This is another measure for streamlining your direct mail marketing campaign involving all the extensive paperwork for USPS.

Targeted Mail Marketing: A More Yielding Alternative

Truth to be told, EDDM sometimes turns into an unrewarding marketing effort altogether. It happens on rare occasions that you are able to get the desired ROI on your EDDM marketing campaign.

So, is there any alternative direct mail marketing method?

Yes, there is one that is powered through targeted records instead of mass mailing lists.

With the advent of targeted mailing lists that captures every geographical and economical section along with a range of market niches, the results of direct mail marketing campaigns have become astoundingly fruitful.

You can now reach out to a selected market with the highest number of the potential consumer for your business through targeted direct mailing lists. The response rate with targeted mailing lists is also supremely better than any EDDM campaign.

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