We have repeatedly talked about the turnaround targeted mailing lists have brought in the domain of direct mail marketing. With the information available in these lists, a business can effectively craft marketing campaigns that can eventually bring riches to them.

While we are at it, it would be very apt to discuss mortgage mailing lists. These targeted mailing lists are originally intended to market mortgage, reverse mortgage, refinance and loan offers to prospective consumers.

However, the details contained in these lists can be useful for businesses that are not dealing in any house finance plan. This extensive potential of mortgage mailing lists hasn’t been explored so far. In this blog, we will try to talk about the employment of mortgage mailing lists in direct mail marketing for businesses that don’t deal in the mortgage.

For Firewood Dealers  

Firewood is still a very sought-after commodity during winters in suburban areas. If your business deals in firewood, and is contemplating to launch a marketing campaign before the start of the season, then we recommend you to use direct mail as your marketing device.

Moreover, you can use mortgage mailing lists to target prospective consumers because these lists include the addresses of home constructions with fireplaces. By only targeting the recipients that would be in need of firewood in winters, you can have better ROI on your marketing expenses.

For Roof Repair Technicians

For ventures offering roof installation and repairs of different materials, mortgage mailing lists can help them in narrowing down the homeowners they want to target. Mortgage mailing lists also distinguish home constructions on the basis of their roof construction. For instance, if you deal in shingle repairs and replacement, then you can specifically target homes with this type of roof constructions.

For Home Remodeling Ventures

What house units are in immediate need of reconstruction and remodeling? It is a no brainer that the units with older constructions are in more need of repairs and remodels. Businesses that deal in home reconstruction works should therefore target homeowners with aging abodes. You can find such recipients in mortgage mailing lists because they contain the addresses that are categorized according to the year a home was built.

For Pool Accessory Stores

In mortgage mailing lists, you can also find the addresses that have a pool in their parameters. So, you can market the pool accessories you sell to all such homeowners.

For HVAC Contractors

Mortgage mailing lists also enlist addresses with the type of heating and cooling systems installed in the house. For HVAC contractors who render services, repairs, and installment of HVAC devices, this information can play an important role in customizing their direct mail marketing.

As you can see, mortgage mailing lists can cater to marketing needs of businesses, which might be pretty dissimilar from each other. If you haven’t carried out a direct mail marketing campaign before, then read this blog to get the idea of the expenses it could take.