Lead generation is considered the stepping stone towards a successful conclusion of any marketing campaign and direct mail is no exception. However, there is a misconception among marketers that often leads to underwhelming results for an otherwise promising promotional endeavor. This misconception actually entails the over-reliance on the process of lead generation only.

A good value of lead generation undoubtedly increases the chances of roping in more customers. But keep in mind that a lead doesn’t automatically convert into a customer. Marketers have to work further to push the lead down the funnel to convert them into a customer.

Direct mail carried out through targeted mailing lists helps with lead generation. If done right, it can also help in converting leads into customers. In this blog, we will discuss some pointers regarding the use of direct mail for moving prospects from lead to actual customers.


A lead is a recipient that has shown some interest in the deals and offers marketed to him. So, it is relatively easy to go leads with your marketing message as compared to an entirely oblivious recipient. To convert leads into customers, make your direct mail compelling. One way of doing this is personalizing it.

Targeted mailing lists can help a lot in this regard. You can cross reference different mailing list selections to find out more about the recipients that are your lead.  Personalization doesn’t always mean addressing your recipients with their first names. It also entails that you talk about things in your mail that recipients are actually interested in.  

For instance, Low-Rising Living selection from Prizm mailing list wants to know to the details of cost. On the other hand, a lead from Blue Blood Estate selection would be more interested in knowing how your product/service doesn’t have any competition in the market and offers the highest quality.

Gifts, Discounts, Guarantees

This heading has simplified the ingredients of direct mail you are writing to a lead with the intention of converting him into a customer. Enclosing a gift or a discount coupon with your mail can become a tipping point in the journey from a lead to a customer. In addition, the details of guarantees also push leads to take the final decision whether to pick your product/service or not. However, make sure that you incorporate all these things in your mail when they are specifically devised for leads.

Setting a Response Cut-off Date

Some leads are actually lazy customers. This means they have decided to do business with you but they are procrastinating for no obvious reason (since when did procrastination need any reason?). So, if you want to speed up the process of lead conversion into customers, you can tag deadlines to your discount offers. The clause of time urgency will get going all those procrastinating leads to finally make the decision.

Direct mail marketing can be used to launch brand awareness campaigns. Read on to find out more on the topic.