Direct mail marketing has changed drastically in the last decade or so. Nowadays you can’t do direct marketing with your usual postal mailing lists to get sufficient return on investment. Using specialty mailing lists is the order of the day.

Not sure where you can get these? Mailing list brokers can provide you with specialty lists so you can streamline your direct marketing campaign to produce results.

But which type of mailing list does your business need? Let’s look into some of your options.


These realty-based mailing lists include addresses of all the homeowners and mortgage seekers. The purpose of mortgage mailing lists is to highlight the group of above-average income households that are more inclined to deal in real estate.

Direct mail marketers can use this information to their benefit because people with more income have:

  • Greater buying needs
  • More buying power

And both of these attributes are considered vital in the real estate business.


Credit score speaks of the likelihood of individuals being able to pay back their credit. Simply put, a good or high credit score means that the individual is doing well financially.

Credit Score mailing lists compile addresses on the basis of credit score. So marketers know who to target for their services or products according to their financial stability.

A lot of research is put into the creation of these lists. Data from different credit bureaus is cross referenced to provide optimal leads to direct mail marketers.


To optimize their marketing campaigns, businesses dealing in healthcare services and products can use ailment mailing lists. Ailment mailing lists categorize patients with different ailments so that businesses can focus on potential customers that need their services.


United States is the place of diverse cultures and beliefs. Most people are heavily influenced in their daily life choices by their cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. Business marketers shape different strategies by understanding those intricacies, and ethnic targeted mailing lists are a major part of these practices.

If a business is offering culture- or region-specific products, ethnic targeted mailing lists give you the edge of thinning the crowd and targeting your specific customer base.


This list contains information about all those people who have recently moved into any residential space. New Movers Mailing Lists contain marketing significance for businesses that deal with products or services that new movers usually need.

These specialty mailing lists provide businesses a window of opportunity to target customers in their time of need.


This type of targeted mailing list categorizes people according to their professions. Knowing people with respect to their professions can help businesses focus on those professionals that can become potential customers for their business. For example if you sell advanced accounting software, trying to sell it to doctors won’t get you results. You want to target accounting professionals.

Ideal consumer mailing lists optimize the results of direct mail marketing campaigns like no other. Tap into their power to reach your customers like never before.