Reaching out to the clients and effectively selling insurance premiums to them has always been a challenging task for insurers. Be it health or life insurance, home insurance or an auto one, agents have to work pretty hard to reach their targets.

If we particularly talk about auto insurance, then the sector is crammed with competitors. Besides that, new vehicles purchases are already insured. For that matter, auto insurers get very little room to play. Direct mail marketing, however, provides auto insurers a good opportunity to sell their policies through a targeted promotion with the help of automotive mailing lists. Let’s have a look at how automotive mailing lists can help insurers stand out among the competitors and succeed in a saturated market.

Offer extended warranties

If you think that you will not be able to sell auto insurance to new vehicles owners, then think about foraying into the domain of extended warranty. Owners using an old vehicle or buying a used one with an expired manufacturer warranty look for extended warranties or service contracts. You can reach out to all such owners with the help of automotive mailing lists.

Some of the automotive mailing list selections enlist the recipient’s vehicles according to the year of the make. This information can help you in finding all those car owners that might be in need of an extended car warranty. Such targeted marketing will result in better ROI.

Separating the recipients you don’t want to target

While figuring out your prospective consumers, it is also important to highlight the recipients you may reconsider selling your auto insurance plan. It will be better to not target them in the first place instead of turning them down upon contact. For instance, you might not want to offer comprehensive and collision coverage to people owning a car worth less than $1,000.

You can compile a list of such owners by the details of manufacturers, models, and the year of the manufacturing given in automotive mailing lists. Similarly, you don’t want to sell emergency towing insurance services to car owners who are already covered for roadside assistance. Some auto manufacturers now include roadside assistance in their insurance plan. By looking up all such manufactures in automotive mailing lists, you can identify the car owners who might already have this amenity.

By taking up these practices, you can cut down the promotional cost and save your precious time and energy from needless interactions.

Customer profiling

Customer profiling can play a key role in executing an effective marketing strategy. Auto insurers can also profile their prospective consumers with the help of automotive mailing lists. The lists also reveal the information regarding the income, age group, and ethnical background of the car owners. Auto insurers can use this information along with the details on vehicles to sketch profiles of their prospective consumers.

Any good mailing lists broker can provide you with updated automotive mailing lists for effective promotion of your auto insurance plans. Read on further to find out how to make a way into a saturated market with the help of direct mail marketing.