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We will show you why we are the top mailing list broker selling the most accurate direct mail lists. In today’s challenging economy, businesses need to be able to measure and maximize every marketing dollar spent on to ensure that there is a positive return with their direct mail lists. An accurate direct mail list for marketing has been proven to be a winning strategy for any business wishing to increase targeted awareness of their company and the service or products they offer.

Whether your goal is to identify new prospects, increase sales, up-sell new or additional services to existing customers, cross-sell, or increase customer loyalty, direct mail lists can provide an efficient and effective vehicle to reach your target audience. More importantly, it generates specific outcome data that allows you to track and analyze your direct mail campaigns’ results and make continuous improvements. Direct mail is tangible! This is one of the biggest advantages when compared to any other form of marketing. An email can be deleted instantly, a TV commercial comes and goes, a Facebook ad will get lost on someone’s wall, but a Direct Mail Piece will sit on a counter or be posted on a fridge and viewed several times by each member of the household. It can have a delayed effect and reinforce a company’s’ offer and create company branding at the same time.


SEGMENTATION You must first identify and reach out to your best prospects and build direct mail lists that will support a profitable, on-going relationship. You must customize your mailing list campaigns for narrow segments or specific individuals to increase your response rate.

CREATIVE From an attention grabbing header line and flashy graphics, to the placement of key information, direct mail marketing creatives are designed to make your business a profit, not for beauty. Time spent on investigating and researching who your audience is will make creative decisions and informed choices profitable.

THE OFFER Design and special offers that encourage your target audience to respond to your specific direct mail marketing campaign at a specific time rather than them simply waiting until the next time they are out and about.

CALL TO ACTION All companies must find and deliver the right combinations of offer, creative, and urgency to the recipients to act and then give them the channels to do so. Whether you want them to call your toll-free number, log onto your website, or send a response card, a call-to-action is one of the defining aspects of the direct mail campaign.

TESTING It may be a good idea to send out various versions of your direct mail campaign to test different offers, creative messages, price points, or target audiences to measure the responses from each and improve your return on investment for future direct mail marketing campaigns.

TRACKING A company must be able to measure the cost, response, and ROI of each version of each direct mail marketing campaign. Response cards, unique phone numbers, unique website addresses, key codes, or offer codes will be the key to developing your company’s measurable database that can be used to increase your profitability in the future. Whether your company’s target audience is consumers, businesses, professionals, executives, or everyone, Allow Marketing Lists Direct assist you in finding the list that best fit your marketing Service needs to help make your direct mail marketing campaign a successful one.

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