Direct mail marketing provides multiple avenues to the businesses to reach out to their prospective consumer base through targeted mailing lists. Voters mailing lists are one such record where marketers can find out the voting tendencies of the people they want to target. In this blog, we will dissect how data from voters mailing lists can be used to devise direct mail marketing campaigns.

Play With the Stereotype

As we know, there are pervasive stereotypes regarding the voters of both major parties of the country.  These stereotypes haven’t come out of the void. So, one can also exploit them for the sake of targeting the right audience.

For instance, it has been said that people with more libertarian worldview vote for the Democrats. Similarly, GOP is known to attract voters with nationalistic streaks. One can use this information to devise a marketing strategy that can also work on subconscious levels with the recipients.

However, make it certain that you use this information very subtly while writing the copy of your direct mail. Otherwise, the same information can turn your marketing campaign into a counterproductive exercise.

Use for Cross-Referencing With Other Targeted Mailing Lists

Voters mailing list can also be effectively used in tandem with another targeted mailing list to provide you a log of recipients that you envisage as your desired consumer base. Let’s see how.

Cross-Reference with Prizm Code Mailing Lists

Republican voters tend to be more affluent than the others. You can pick Republican recipients from voters mailing list. However, this information is not conclusive if you want to target people that come in higher income bracket.

Therefore, it is better to cross-reference voters mailing lists with Prizm code mailing lists. With this work, you can be more accurate about the financial status of the recipients. For a business dealing in high-end products, it is really important to gauge the purchasing power of a certain demographic before devising a marketing campaign.

Cross-Reference With Ethnic Targeted Mailing List

If you run a niche venture that offers services and products to particular ethnicities or people of color, then voters mailing can be used in combination with an ethnic targeted mailing list to formulate a list of prospective consumers. Minorities and people of color are more inclined to vote for the Democrats. So, Democratic entries from the voters mailing list can be used to match the addresses from ethnic targeted mailing lists.

For the Estimation of Age Group

Voters mailing list have the voting records of more than 20 years.  Not only will it help you in finding the changing voting pattern of the recipients. But it can also help in guessing the age bracket of your prospective consumers. For instance, an entry repeating in the records from the beginning is certainly a baby boomer. Similarly, a first-time voter is more likely to belong to the millennial demographic.

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