Marketing your business is not just about devising a colorful and creative campaign to reach out to your prospective consumers. Conveying a right offer to a right consumer is an equally important feature of any marketing campaign.

Direct mail marketing, which has been in use for decades as an effective promotional tool, takes care of this marketing aspect with the help of targeted mailing lists. In this blog, we will demonstrate how you can make right credit and loan offer to the right consumer base with the help of credit score mailing lists.

Credit score mailing lists from a professional mailing list broker are compiled by considering multiple factors that can help you to devise your credit offers (mortgage refinance, auto loans etc.) according to different target markets. Let’s have a look how credit mailing lists can assist you in devising your loan offers.

Marketing According to Credit Score

A credit score is a numerical representation of an individual according to his creditworthiness. It is important information about an individual when you have to make a decision whether or not you want to do business with him. A credit score is divided into five different ratings.

Very poor: A credit score of below 550 is considered very poor. It is advised not to offer credit offers to recipients with very poor credit rating.

Poor: Credit scores in the range of 550-649 are considered poor. If you are targeting all those recipients that lie in this category, then make sure that large down payments are a requirement of the loan plans you are offering.

Fair: Credit scores in the range of 650-699 are deemed fair. You can reach out to recipients with fair credit ratings with non-competitive loan rates.

Good: Credit scores of 700-749 are considered good and you can offer people with these scores competitive loan rates.

Excellent: Credit score lies in between 750-850 are considered excellent. This cohort of consumers is the most favorable in terms of financial dealings.

Marketing According to the Amount of Revolving Debt

Credit score mailing lists also provide you with the information of revolving debt about your prospective consumers. The figure of revolving debt can tell you about how thriving the financial situation of recipients is. It essentially shows their need for working capital. You can cross-reference this information with their credit scores to offer them a loan offer they can’t refuse. People with a high amount of revolving debt and good credit scores are ideal prospects to offer loans.

There are two more aspects of credit score mailing lists that provide you with ample financial information so you can put it to use when devising a loan offer. We will discuss them in the upcoming blogs. In addition to devising your loan offers with the assistance of credit score mailing lists, you can also generate customer profiles with the help of targeted mailing lists.