What is Bulk Mail?

Bulk mail is mail that you prepare for shipping as if you were a postal employee. By doing this additional work, you get a better postage rate. The additional work can be sorting the mail by ZIP Code and/or transporting the mail to a different postal facility. Bulk mail can also be referred to as “Presorted Mail”, “Commercial First Class Mail” and “Advertising Mail.” This is different from the expensive “Single Piece Mail” you use every day.

Rates Recently Went Up on All Postage (January 22, 2012)

On Single Piece Mail the rates are:
The current rate for a one oz. letter is .45ȼ (It goes up .20ȼ each additional oz.)
You can buy “Forever Stamps” also at the current .45ȼ.

Postcards have increased to 32ȼ.
Letters to Canada and Mexico have increased a nickel to 85ȼ.
Letters to other foreign countries have gone up 7ȼ to $1.05.
Prices for advertising mail, periodicals and parcels have risen about 2.1 percent.

2012 Bulk Mail Pricing for Letters, Cards, or Flats

Presorting Requirements to Get Commercial Mail Rates:

  • Get a mailing permit (permission to mail) and pay an annual mailing fee.
  • Pay postage using one of several convenient methods: precanceled stamps, postage meter, or permit imprint.
  • Make smart choices about the size, shape, and weight of your mail piece.
  • Ensure that your addresses are accurate.
  • Presort the mail (separate or sort your mail by ZIP Code). Use rubber bands.
  • Take your mail to the Post Office where you hold your mailing permit.

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