You might think that as we make strides on technology, the conventional means of marketing will become oblivious with the passage of time. However, that is not even remotely true. There has been a resurgence of the offline marketing trends and telemarketing is still an effective tool for lead conversions.


The old school methods of direct marketing involve people.  That’s still the underlying benefit of telemarketing – the message is delivered by people to the prospective clients. It is human nature to look for some sort of connection – an actual human voice builds assurance and trust. Unlike digital marketing, telemarketing depends upon people making the calls and not businesses sending out the messages. This connection and interaction between individuals helps in reaching out to the ideal client. Here are some of the reasons why telemarketing is still effective:

  • People need to clarify misconceptions from their befuddled minds before they can make a decision. When a telemarketer makes the calls to the targeted audience based upon the telemarketing lists, the recipients can ask questions directly before they make commitments.
  • The call-recording feature allows the telemarketers to reflect back and improve the quality of their calls. The telemarketers are well-versed and they know how to talk to people effectively.
  • Businesses need to interact with their potential prospects for interaction, that’s why as a telemarketer, you need to have an effective telemarketing list to build that connection.
  • For most businesses, human interaction is still important for sales. Businesses that sell people-centered services need to make use of telemarketing. There isn’t a better way to interact with the client over a phone call for such service-based businesses.


Within the modern marketing architecture, telemarketing is still thriving. However, it needs to be handled intelligently. Just like direct mail marketing, the telemarketing lists have to be highly segmented. This will maximize the return on investment, as the calls will only be directed to those individuals who will actually be interested in the products or services that you are selling.  Here are some of the benefits of telemarketing:

  • Telemarketing provides an immediate response. Telemarketers get an immediate feedback from the prospective client. With negligible time delay, telemarketing can immediately respond to the feedback. This also means that telemarketing is effective for getting immediate return on investment, that is, it can generate direct sales.
  • There is no other way to optimize your marketing strategies than mixing telemarketing within the marketing blend. Telemarketers can regulate the calls to find out how effectively their direct mails are working. Other direct marketing means can be strengthened with telemarketing so that you can capitalize on the interest shown by the clients over the phone calls.
  • Telemarketers listen and not just talk. This human interaction can be tailored for each individual, which helps in gathering pertinent information.
  • Businesses can expand their knowledge about the marketplace and the behavior of the customers. Including brief survey questions will remove the gaps between the customers and the businesses.