The Neo-Leads Group, owner of Marketing Lists Direct and a national premier direct marketing provider, has just announced, “Neo-Data Cleanse”, a flat rate fee on database updating. The US Post Office requires that all standard class and first class presorted mailing meet the move update requirements to receive discounted postage. Neo-Leads Group is now offering mailing list postal compliance updating for one flat fee.

A company’s marketing list is an important ingredient in any direct mailing campaign. Whether the list is an internal customer database or a purchased prospecting list, the name and addresses must be updated and certified with the Post Office’s standards. Neo-Data Cleanse allows you to update your database through the “National Change of Address” (NCOA) and Code Accuracy Support System (CASS). This process will change, update and certify each and every address within your database. The Neo-Data mailing list updating will also return all of the postal paperwork require by the post office showing that the database is updated and complaint with postal standards.

The NCOA portion of the Neo-Cleanse will take the original address in the input database and compare with any address change information submitted by relocating postal customers. If there is a match based on name and old address, then the old information will be replaced with the current updated address.

The CASS portion of the Neo-Cleanse will correct address errors and standardize all the addresses within the input database. This process will also add any missing information that will ensure the address is complete. It will also verify that the address is deliverable and update any addresses that have been renumbered.

The Neo-Data Cleanse can take your file in any format and can be processed within a few hours. This address cleansing process can be processed for residential and/or business addresses. The key to a successful mailing is to ensure you are mailing to the most accurate and deliverable addresses. This process is not only required, but it will save you money in the long run by increasing the deliverability of your marketing material and lowering your postage rate.

The Neo-Leads Group says, “Processing every database through the Neo-Data Cleanse prior to mailing for such a low flat fee will easily save any mailer over that amount in wasted postage and undelivered mail pieces. The Neo-Data Cleanse more than pays for itself!”

The Neo-Leads Group is now offering the Neo-Data Cleanse (NCOA Processing) mailing list updating for a flat $95.00 charge. Whether you have 2,000 records or 1 million records to process, the update fee with be $95.00. This processing alone can save a company on a basic 5,000 record mailing approximately $250.00.