Direct mail marketing has become a dependable promotional tool for almost every type of business after it has been powered by the role of mailing list brokers and targeted mailing lists. The wide range of targeted mailing lists selections encompass every business niche and provide business operators a cost-effective and time-tested promotional device.

Landscaping contractors and direct mail marketing

Outdoor spaces adjacent to residential constructions play a decisive role in forming their curb appeal. And not only that, they can also serve as an extended functional space. To get these two features right in any outdoors, professional landscaping works can do wonders.

For that matter, landscaping work has become one of the sought-after services in the last few years. Extensive and detailed landscaping works have become a norm for residential units. The increased demand for landscaping expertise has also inspired a competition in the market.

Now landscaping contractors are required to promote their business for proactively reaching out to their customers. Direct mail marketing campaigns based on mortgage mailing lists can become a promotional game changer for landscaping businesses. With the help of mortgage mailing lists, landscaping ventures can manage to devise customized marketing campaigns. Let’s see how mortgage mailing lists can help landscaping ventures in getting their marketing right.

Landscaping and area of the residential unit

Landscaping designs primarily depend on the overall size of the residential unit. You can break down your landscaping schemes according to different home sizes and then reach out to consumers with the designs pertaining to their dwellings. For instance, you can select a cohort with medium home sizes from mortgage mailing lists and can reach out to them with landscaping ideas worked out for that particular size range.

There are brighter prospects that homeowners will get back to you when they are targeted by a direct mail only containing relevant landscaping details. There is no value of promoting extravagant landscape designs to recipients with dwelling sizes lingering around 1000 to 1500 square feet.

Pool-laden landscaping

Landscaping designs for outdoors with pools is altogether a different ball game. Homeowners are now more inclined to adorn their pool area with aesthetical and functional landscaping features. You can devise some exciting pool-based landscaping ideas and get them to recipients with pools through direct mail. You can retrieve the list of such homeowners from mortgage mailing list selections.

Exterior type

Some homeowners want landscaping designs to follow in the footsteps of the exterior type.  You can also set up your marketing campaign on this assertion. You can also filter recipients on the basis of the type of home exterior through mortgage mailing lists. In your direct mail, you can add some exterior-driven landscaping ideas and offer them customized landscaping works.

Similarly, you can also sort out recipients according to their home value to offer landscaping works centered on affordability. Get in touch with any good mailing lists broker and get mortgage mailing lists selections suitable for your business. Read this blog to find out how this targeted mailing list can also help in the marketing of home accessory stores.