A direct mailing list campaign should be an integral part of any business’ marketing efforts. When done correctly, a direct mailing campaign can be the most cost effective way to promote your product or service to anyone, anywhere in the country. Any business in any industry can benefit from performing a direct mailing list campaign. There are some important factors in creating a successful direct mailing campaign. The key to establishing an effective direct mail marketing campaign with mailing lists is to follow these 3 important points.

It is essential to make sure you are using an accurate and up to date list. The mailing list is the backbone of the entire direct marketing campaign. The best way to obtain a mailing list is to purchase one through a mailing list broker or compiler using the internet through a search engine such as Google. There are many brokers and compilers that can provide accurate mailing lists that have been updated through the US Postal Service’s National Change of Address database. Most list companies should be able to guarantee at least a 95% deliverability rate; some guarantee higher.

Be sure to make your promotion simple, clear, and easy to understand. You want the people who receive your mail piece to look at your marketing piece and know who you, what you are offering, and how to respond to your offer with doing any intense research. Your offer should be include a call to action. For example, “You have a problem and I have the solution”. It is also important to have a time line for the call to action, such as an expiration date. Also, make it easy for the receiver to respond by phone, email, internet, mail, or in person. People like guarantees, especially, money back guarantees.

It is also essential to make sure the quality of your mail piece fits the quality of your offer.  Your mail piece should fit the type of business you are. The type of paper, the colors, the wording should all reflect back to your company. If you are a high end auto dealership advertising a new car, you should use nice glossy paper, with rich, deep colors, and nice flowing writing. If you are a small grocery store, use pictures of nice looking fresh fruit and vegetables with bright colors, and simple block letters. You want your mail piece to form an identity between you and you potential customer.

Direct mailing list campaigns are still the most effective way of marketing because of the ease to focus your promotion to as many or as few recipients as your budget allows. By following these 3 easy concepts when developing your next mailing campaign, you will greatly increase your response rate and your return on investment.  These techniques have been proven to improve any company’s marketing results, especially with targeted mailing lists.