Make Money with Mailing Lists

The elderly market is known to be some of the best paying and most loyal customers in the country today. They also control 75% of the Unites States disposable income. Senior residential mailing lists targeted towards households over the age of 55 can open up a completely new customer base for your business. While the economy attempts to make its recovery at a snail’s pace, there are still senior consumers out there spending money which companies may not be capitalizing on. As an example, it should not be a surprise to hear that the senior market is purchasing 30% of all toys sold. Shifting your marketing plans to focus on or to include this senior market with senior mailing lists, could give your company a boost in revenue that has been missing from your marketing efforts. This may help your company’s financial needs in the short-term to get through these economic hard times and in the long-term as their numbers continue to grow.

Insurance agents and financial advisors have continually seen success using senior lists and have continued marketing to seniors through direct mail with great success, since they still have disposable income in these rough economic times. Senior mailing lists are available not only just by age and exact date of birth, but are also selectable by net worth, income, investable income, political party and more. Whether trying to market supplemental Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans for individuals turning 65 or promoting financial seminars to discuss investment services for homeowners 55+ with investible income, and even dinner specials from your restaurant, the senior market will be more open and have more time to review your offers.

Seniors need many of the same services and products that every other age group needs. It is, however, important to realize that this group is more cautious in deciding who they chose to do business with. There may be a need to put more creativity into your mail piece when marketing to the senior market, but it is well worth the extra effort once you have captured the loyalty from this group. It is important to customize your mail piece and message to the senior market. The more information you provide to them in your message, the more likely you will earn the opportunity to capture their business.

Once you have established the specific seniors you need to target for your mailing and have tailored your message to this senior market, you will surely see the benefits of marketing with senior mailing lists. Direct marketing and telemarketing to the senior market will increase your first time sales and help to grow a repeat client base for your business. With the large array of selections available in senior mailing lists, you can be as targeted as needed.  Mailing to senior consumer lists will be a great addition to your marketing efforts. A precise senior list will greatly aid in increasing sales and helping your business continue to grow.