The Neo-Leads Group, owner of Marketing Lists Direct, a superior direct mailing list provider, is highlighting their “Pet Owners Database” for services and pet supply offers to households that love and care for their pets. Marketing Lists Direct offers a nationwide pet owner mailing list that can target dog owners, cat owners, and other pets. With a warmer than usual winter season that will surely lead to an increase in parasites such as fleas and ticks, owners will be looking to take even more care to keep their pets free from these pests and healthy. More than ever, people are looking for the best products and services that will allow the best cost and value. Developing a year round marketing plan allows you to obtain an updated listing of pet owners for each offer. Using our mailing list database will allow you to build your business and increase your ROI.

Kirk Harbison, Vice President of Neo-Leads Group and Marketing Lists Direct, says, “Direct mail is a great way to get a mail piece directly into the hands of the people that would have the most interest in the offer. Mailing lists can be targeted to focus on those households with certain economic standards, lifestyle interests, and consumer purchasing habits that best fits your marketing needs. ”

The NeoPet Owner Database has over 38 million pet owners available nationwide that will allow for a large variety campaigns. This database has been proven to work effectively for pet walking and sitting services, veterinarian services, obedience training, and various pet products and supplies. From new location opening announcements to monthly discounts to seasonal promotions, no matter the offer, this database allows you to reach the pet owners in your area. The NeoPet Database, along with all mailing list databases from, are updated monthly and guaranteed deliverable.