Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Re-Engaging Customers through Direct Mail Marketing

Businesses usually try to chase down new customers in order to expand their operations. But contrary to popular belief, the customers a business has already earned are the most crucial in keeping business operations out of trouble, while churning in the profits. According to an analytical report, even just 5% of customer retention can boost any company’s profit from anywhere between 25% and 95%.

So, it is quite crucial during any marketing campaign to reconnect with inactive customers. In some cases, it is even better to devise an exclusive marketing campaign just for customer re-engagement. Direct mail marketing, a time-tested tool to promote businesses, can come in really handy for re-engaging an inactive customer base.

Brand Awareness and Direct Mail Marketing

Gone are the days when businesses could survive without consolidating their image amongst consumer bases. In today’s digital age when consumers are almost always inundated with promotional and marketing messages, it has become imperative for every venture to spread brand awareness amongst the auidence to stand apart from their competitors.

Before we move on to discuss how direct mail can be used as a tool to spread brand awareness, it would be apt to discuss why developing brand awareness is crucial from a commercial standpoint.

Reaching out to C-suite Executives through Direct Mail Marketing

In B2B (business to business) marketing campaigns, the primary objective of marketers is to reach out to decision-makers of the targeted entities. Understandably, that’s the difficult part of any such promotional campaign.  C-suite executives are the breed of corporate titles in any organization that are supposed to take important business decisions. Chief executive officers, chief operating officers, and chief financial officers, for instance, are some examples of C-suite executives.

When it comes to marketing and promotions, direct mail has been producing desirable results for businesses for decades. This time-tested promotional tool can also be effectively used in carrying out a tricky campaign to reach out to C-suite executives.

An Effective PR campaign and the Role of Direct Mail Marketing

A Public Relation (PR) Campaign from a business can help it in achieving both its short and long-term objectives. Every PR campaign comprises of many different components. A series of events, a discount season and reaching out to customers through different mediums are the recurring elements of any PR campaign.

Direct mail, which has been used for general promotion of businesses, can also be used in an effective PR campaign in more than one way. Let’s have a look at the multiple ways through which direct mail can be utilized in PR campaigns.

Improving The Marketing Message of Direct Mailings

A marketing message is a body of text used to spread brand awareness and to create demand. In other words, it is a simple tool used for influencing consumers. Marketing message has seen some significant changes in the last two decades when promotions have become more image-oriented.  However, in direct mail, the marketing message still has its original structure intact.

The text of marketing messages itself has gone through many transformations throughout the course of time. For instance, devising hard-sell message is not considered a good marketing practice anymore. Similarly, many things have been omitted and many new things have been included in marketing messages. In this blog, we will try to discuss how marketers can improve their direct mail by improving its marketing message through contemporary standards.