Using Response Mailing Lists: Why it is Crucial For Targeted Mail Marketing


In this day and age of the internet, direct mail marketing is still thriving because of the different targeted mailing lists that provide businesses with good return on investments. If you want to devise a good direct marketing strategy, then it is better to use response mailing lists over generally compiled mailing lists that comprises of data and addresses from yellow pages, telephone directories and other public domains.

What are response mailing lists?

Response mailing lists include the addresses of individuals who have earlier responded to direct marketing offers or campaigns. Simply put, entries of response mailing lists comprise people who are already customers of some other direct marketers. Response mailing lists are available under various categories for different domains, such as:

  • Lists of newspaper and magazines subscriptions
  • Response lists for fund raisings: Political campaign lists and charity lists
  • For financial services: Banking lists, insurance lists and credit lists are also used as response mailing lists
  • There are also some response mailing lists with the entries of people who have responded to different 1-800 and 1-900 offers.

You can avail different benefits by using those lists for your direct marketing.

Using other’s experience for your benefit

With response mailing lists, you can put the direct marketing experience of other businesses to your good use. Other businesses may have sent mails to thousands of individuals to get business. You don’t have to do it if you are using response mailing lists.

Catering to your customer profile

As discussed in the above section, response mailing lists are also targeted mailing lists i.e. different mailing lists cater to different domains. So you can select the one with the individuals that fits in your customer profile.

Cost effective

What’s the point of mailing to a zillion people if you are not even getting enough ROI to cover the postage cost?  Response mailing lists can save you the cost of spending on posting mails to those dead addresses who never respond to direct mails.

Ensures better response rates

It is not likely that all entries on the list will be responding to your direct mail, but it is certain that response mailing lists generate good response rates. With better response, there are good prospects of more lead conversions.

Edge over compiled mailing lists

It is important to remember that compiled lists don’t account purchase activity of individuals in the list. This means these lists are not assuring even a single buyer. On the other hand, response mailing lists are full of details of potential buyers who are involved in business activities with other direct marketers.

What are effective response lists?

You can further optimize your direct mail marketing by using response mailing lists with recent information. Freshness of response mailing list can be determined by how recently a person on the list has made the query for information.

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