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Did you know that a highly targeted mailing list can increase the likelihood of lead conversions if you are in the real estate business? Well, that is the power of direct mail marketing campaigns —they are still effective and can now be coupled with ingenious technologically advanced ways that will lead the customers to the professional website just by scanning a QR code printed on the direct mail piece. Let’s explore the reasons of the success of the various real estate consumer mailing lists and their types so that B2C campaigns can be devised effectively.

Why are Targeted Mailing Lists Effective in the Real Estate Business?

One thing is for certain —the real estate related services or business have the potential to generate an influx of cash. This is because of the plentiful needs of the residential consumers. There is always one or the other kind of products or services relevant to the real estate investors, new movers, and existing dwellers. All you need to do is align your marketing strategies with the correctly identified prospective clients. If you manage to pull through this, you will be able to gain success. This is why the need for segmentation of the target audience arises. Therefore, if you manage to get hold of the right mailing list, you can experience a growth in your business.

Types of Consumer Mailing Lists in the Real Estate

The real estate consumer mailing lists are of various types. These lists can target both the commercial and the residential clients. The following types of the consumer mailing list can boost your business if they are optimized, updated, and targeted.

1.      New Parents Mailing Lists

If you sell products for infants or toddlers, you can buy mailing lists that have the details of new parents. Baby furniture, food, and other consumer goods that are related to the residential or commercial customers can be marketed with direct mail sent to these potential clients. You may also inquire the mailing list company to provide you with post natal or prenatal new parent mailing lists for more targeted approach.

2.      New Movers Mailing List

Acquiring the new movers mailing list will equip the local vendors and service providers, such as remodeling and repair work contractors, landscapers, plumbers, painters and electricians with the perfect opportunity to make the acquaintance of the new residents of the locality.

3.      Homeowners Mailing List

Mortgage lenders and other similar real estate service providers must consider getting the homeowners mailing lists. House furnishings, security, home décor, refinancing, and home-equity release are some of the areas that this list will prove to fruitful. You can further build or acquire a consumer list that is classified according to income of the clients, which will help you devise the direct mail marketing campaign in a strategic fashion.

4.      Renters or Investors Mailing Lists

If you sell your services to the renters or the investors, then this type of a consumer mailing list will enhance your business development with direct mail campaigns. The investors may be looking for investment plans in the real estate, annuities, foreign exchange or bonds. While the renters offer a lucrative market for the direct mail campaigners for a host of products and services. It is best to categorize these lists according to the demographics and the behaviors of such consumers displayed in the past.

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