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Imagine having a ball with your family, and the phone rings. You answer the call, only to discover that a stranger wants to do business with you. Of course, you are annoyed unless they have something you genuinely want.

Your customers feel the same when you reach them with the wrong offer at an inopportune time.

However, when done right, telemarketing can help you forge lasting business relationships rather than angering the prospects.

This is where our telemarketing mailing lists for sale can help!

They are designed to boost profits by expanding your sales territory. Whether you are a small business looking to reach more customers or a large corporation aiming even higher, we can help achieve your business goals conveniently. MLD provides phone lists with the same available demographics as postal mailing lists. Learn how to purchase a targeted telemarketing list that will provide outstanding results.

Finding B2B and B2C lists has never been easier!

Whether you want to connect with companies or individuals, we have the data you need. At Marketing Lists Direct, we provide accurate and up-to-date telemarketing lists that connect you with exactly the right audience. No matter the type of products or services you offer, we've got you covered.

Focus on your core business. Leave the heavy work to us.

Your next telemarketing campaign needs accurate, reliable, and targeted data to be a success. Finding this data can be taxing because as a business owner, you already have so many tasks to take care of.

Add convenience to your life with MLD! We are among the leading telemarketing list brokers and consultants committed to offering data that works best for your marketing campaigns. Our contacts are accurate and precisely targeted to make your marketing campaigns as affordable and profitable as possible.

Please let us know if you already have a database of phone numbers. We will insert it into our data and compile a fresh list without extra fees.

Reach prospects the way you want.

Contact us for all your telemarketing needs. We offer a wide range of lists, including residential lists, consumer lists, new homeowner lists, business lists, and much more with various filters to ensure you only target people interested in your products or services.

With 20+ years of experience, our team is committed to offering quality lists that help you target prospects by state, country, city, or zip code. So, stop wasting your money and effort on outdated, inaccurate lists, and reach us now to buy custom telemarketing lists.

Experience the magic of telemarketing with MLD

Our phone calling lists for sale have many advantages for small and large businesses, including:

Keeping your sales team busy

Our telemarketing lists for sale enable you to expand business, create new opportunities, and gain more customers. They also make it convenient to follow up with existing clients and keep them updated with your latest offerings, an excellent way to keep your sales team busy.

Keep track of your sales

Efficient sales tracking is crucial for your campaign’s success. With our telemarketing lists, you can effortlessly keep track of which zone, demographic, or sector does the most business with your company. You can then devise effective sales strategies based on this data for further growth.

Instant feedback

Quick feedback boosts your market intelligence. Our telemarketing lists offer you an excellent way to ask customers if they are happy with your service. What can you do to meet their expectations if they are not? Based on their feedback, you can immediately improve the lacking areas.

Significant cost savings

Marketing through our lists is far more affordable than other advertising methods. This is because you don’t need dedicated desk space, supplies, or advanced equipment. Just well-trained staff and basic equipment to make calls, providing product or service information to prospects.

Our promise to you:

At MLD, we pride ourselves on providing only clean, fresh, and accurate lists. That is why we have a crew of full-time researchers gathering data from the most reliable sources, including:

Public directories
Press releases
Corporate websites
User-generated feedback, and more.

However, please remember that no telemarketing list is perfect, and at MLD, we realize this. But we also do everything possible to minimize any error and guarantee accuracy.

Place an order now and fast track your lead generation.

Please reach us today and tell your telemarketing mailing list requirements. Within a few minutes, your list will be ready to use.

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The Do Not Call Registry In the US, a National Registry went into effect on October 1, 2003. Under the law, it is illegal for telemarketers to call anyone who has registered themselves on the list. After the list had operated for one year, over 62 million people had signed up. To find out more about the laws and requirements set by the FTC or to get your own SANS #, visit their website at All phone list brokers need to ensure all telemarketing lists are scrubbed from this registry.

Are you ready to create a telemarketing campaign with accurate phone lists? Want to ensure success with an effective phone campaign? Simply have general questions in mind?

No matter the case, call us at 1-877-241-2718. Our database specialist will go the extra mile to meet your goals and ensure you select a list that fits your exact needs. As phone list brokers, we provide updated targeted calling lists. You can also chat with us online or click here for our contact page.