Saturation Residential Mailing List

Our Saturation Residential Mailing List, also known as a “Current Occupant List”, is a great way to ensure you are connecting with everyone, residents and/or businesses, by localizing and saturating an area by carrier route, zip code, radius, city, county, or state. Our Saturation mailing lists are addressed to the “Resident” for all residential addresses, with the option to output names where available, and “Occupant” for all business addresses. This USPS mailing list derives the addresses directly from the United States Postal Service directory.

We also have the ability to target neighborhoods with average incomes, average ages and even average home values. This helps to remove areas that may not be a right fit for your product or service. This list is compiled straight from the United States Post Office and is updated monthly from mail carriers information. This file includes every deliverable address.

A saturation residential mailing is simply any campaign that mails to at least 90% of the addresses within a postal carrier route. Many mailers erroneously believe that a saturation mailing must be conducted by ZIP Code but the actual definitions from the USPS for the maximum saturation discount uses the carrier route as the defining region. A saturation residential list will lower your cost of postage and qualify for deeper postage discounts.

List Selection Options Include:

Geography – Carrier Route, Zip Code, Radius, City, County, State

Demographics – Averaged Age, Averaged Income and Averaged Home Value based on a carrier route level (Rural Route, City Route, Highway Route, Box Route)

Dwelling Type – Single Family Dwelling Unit, Multi-Family Dwelling
Unit, Trailer, Business, and PO Box

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