Importance of Call-To-Action in Your Direct Marketing Campaigns

Whether you are carrying out a marketing campaign on the digital medium or going old school with direct mails, Call-to-action (CTA) is equally important. It’s a link between you are your prospective or existing customers. If its missing from any promotional message then all the marketing efforts go in vain.

In direct mail marketing, CTAs hold very significant position because without them a mail peace is just a piece of paper worth nothing.

Effective CTA helps in lead generation

The first considerable success in any marketing campaign is the establishment of lead generation. Lead generation is customer’s initial interest in your business which can move to conversion if you successfully persuade them of your products and services.

A good CTA is very important to get this initial marketing success. With effectively telling your customer what to do next, you can make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

CTA counters customer’s laziness

Customers are inherently lazy. It happens very rarely that they go out of their way to get in touch with a business. Therefore, one should make it as easy as possible for them to get back to you. A CTA which closes with all the contact details and options can counter the customer’s lethargy. You can also incorporate QR codes in your direct mail CTAs along with other contact details to make it as convenient as possible for your prospective customers to take action.

Things to keep in mind when creating a CTA

Benefits of a CTA can only be realized if it is devised in a perfect manner. There are few things that should be kept in mind while writing CTA for your direct mail.

Keep it precise

If your are able to get the attention of the recipients with the body of your mail then continue this tempo through a precise CTA. CTAs usually come at the end of the mail. This is another reason to keep them short and simple so that recipients don’t get bored.

Provide multiple options but don’t go overboard

It’s a sensible exercise to provide more than one option to your prospective customer to get in contact with you. However, don’t bombard them with plethora of options because it will only confuse them to what to do. The best exercise is to provide two to three contact options.

Incorporate the element of time urgency

Make sure that your CTA is requesting customers to act in time. You can use limited time offers to inculcate time urgency. Many times recipients just forget to contact a business because they plan to do it later. A CTA presenting a time limit can save preserve the lead generation by protecting it from customers’ procrastination.

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