Direct mail has been around for more than a century. For decades and decades, it was carried out in the mass mailing format. However, things have changed in the last couple of years with targeted mailing lists becoming an integral part of direct mail marketing.

They have exponentially improved the usefulness of direct mail as a promotional piece. Targeted mailing lists are the reason why this old and offline marketing method is still relevant. There is an entire assortment of targeted mailing lists compiled on different themes.

For instance, automotive mailing lists entail the information of recipients from different aspects that are associated with vehicles. The vehicle makes, model, and its year of release are often the features on which automotive mailing lists are furnished. In some cases, fuel type and auto style and class are also taken into account to fine-tune the lists.

If you are wondering from where all such detailed information is sourced by mailing list brokers, then read on the following section because we are going to discuss how automotive mailing lists are sourced. Before we start that discussion, it is important to clarify that no data is sourced while violating the privacy of the recipients. The data becomes part of promotional details with their consent.

Responders Information

In different forms and survey, vehicle owners fill out the details that we have mentioned above, which are then curated and cleaned by the mailing lists brokers.


Service and maintenance outlets make their own records of VIN numbers and other vehicle details of their clients, which are then used by brokers to compile mailing lists.


Auto warranty companies also release information that also helps in the compilation of automotive mailing lists. Similarly, offline and online quotations are also used for that purpose.

Aftermarket Repairs and Accessories

The vehicle data corresponding to their owners is also sourced from the business that offers aftermarket repairs and deals in different vehicle accessories. It is another major source of raw data for automotive mailing lists

What Experienced Mailing List Brokers Take Care of?

In order to make sure that the final lists are clean and accurate, reputable mailing list brokers cross-reference them. Also, they make sure that a finalized list is verified by the NCOA.  National Change of Address (NCOA) is actually USPS’s project that offers the verification that a recipient’s name matches his/her current address.

Use of Automotive Mailing Lists

We have discussed the use of automotive mailing lists in great detail in this section. From selling insurance plans to home accessories, automotive mailing lists can be used for zip code-based promotions of many different businesses.

Automotive mailing lists are a great way to find the financial standing of the recipients that can be then used for customer profiling. In short, you can be as innovative with the use of automotive mailing list in your direct mail promotional campaigns as you want.

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