Everything You Need To Know About PRIZM Code Mailing Lists

1You may not realize it but to seasoned direct mail marketing campaign runners, the address of a targeted individual reveals a lot more information.  Marketers have been using various techniques for creating segmented mailing lists.

There are four areas in particular that the marketing agents focus on for direct mail marketing to grasp a complete understanding of the prospective clients.  Let’s explore these areas that are used for segmentation of the prospects and determine where does the PRIZM code mailing list, enter the picture.

Typical Segmentation Techniques and the PRIZM Code Mailing Lists

Conventionally, the mailing list is segmented into the rural or the urban location of the prospective client — this is known as the geographical segmentation. Next is the demographical segmentation, which takes factors like the age, gender, ethnicity, and the earnings of the individuals, into consideration. The psychographic characteristics allow the marketers to further target the audience based on their lifestyles and their personalities. The fourth area of segmentation is the behavioral analysis of the prospective client, which takes into consideration the purchases made by a targeted individual in the past.

Clustering techniques are used to create geo-demographical mailing lists but previously, the behavioral characteristics were not incorporated in the segmented mailing list.  PRIZM codes were developed to cater to this problem. The classification based on the PRIZM code includes the attributes of the people living in a geographical location at the household level. The PRIZM code mailing lists proved to be groundbreaking where the direct mail marketing campaigns are concerned.

How Are the Segments of Prospects Created with the PRIZM Code Mailing Lists?

Usually with the clustering techniques, the direct mail lists are organized according to the proximity of the houses and the demographics. This is not always useful to run successful campaigns. Psychographic and behavioral characteristics are also quite important to create a highly efficient direct mailing list. The thing with PRIZM code mailing list is that it can map the results based on multiple variables of different dimensions or categories.

For instance, lists could be created to show the differentiation when two different incomes are inserted. The PRIZM code is based on the “Multivariate Divisive Partitioning (MPD) Algorithms”. This enables the behavioral and psychographic characteristics at household level to be implemented in the outcome.

The Benefits of PRIZM Code Mailing List

With the help of a PRIZM code mailing list, a marketer will enjoy the following perks:

  • Acquire more information about the targeted customers and customize the direct mail marketing messages accordingly;
  • Create segmented mailing lists by taking the geographical location of the people scattered all across the country, which allows the marketers to target more people; and
  • Make segmented groups of people with similar traits in order to devise messages that the prospects can relate with easily for efficiency.

So, if you are running a direct mail marketing campaign and looking to build a segmented list, then PRIZM code mailing lists can yield fruitful results.

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