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Ethnic Targeted Mailing Lists

Marketing Lists Direct offers laser focused ethnic, language and religion based mailing lists for marketers focusing their message to specific groups of people. Ethnic targeted mailing lists can open up a huge range of potential.

Our ethnic lists can be targeted by ethnicity, country of origin and language spoken in the home. By selecting ethnicity or language, you can very accurately target the exact audience for culture specific products and services.

Our most popular Ethnicities:

  • African American
  • Arabic
  • Asian
  • Asian / Non-Oriental
  • French
  • German
  • Hispanic
  • Italian
  • Jewish
  • Northern European
  • Polynesian
  • Scottish/Irish
  • Southern European

We offer every type of mailing list available in the marketing today! If you do not see the type of targeted mailing list you are looking for, call a Data Specialist today to help with your direct marketing campaign at 1-877-241-2718. You can also use our right sidebar Chat or click here for our contact page.