Effective marketing use of credit score details through credit score mailing lists

In financial world, credibility of an individual is gauged by his credit score. Such is the importance of this financial piece of information. Credit score can also help in assisting someone’s ability to deal with businesses especially the ones offering different types of loans.

What credit score mailing lists entail?

Credit score mailing lists are compiled with the mailing information of individuals enlisted in the credit score directories of Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, the three major credit bureaus. Information of mailing address along with respective credit scores can help people with different financing businesses to effectively prospect their targets. Let’s see how different ventures can have their direct mail marketing campaigns devised on the basis of credit score mailing lists.

Loan offering companies

Mortgage Refinancers

For businesses and companies dealing in mortgage refinances, information of credit scores of their potential customers holds much importance. Marketing your loan offers without setting any specific parameter for your direct mail marketing campaign can end up as a unrewarding exercise with  no or very insignificant lead generation.

The average credit score for standard refinancing offers is between 620 and 680 and more lucrative loan offers are made for people with credit score of 740 or above. You can choose the group of homeowners with credit scores that are suitable for your loan offers and can motivate homeowners to come and avail your refinancing model.

Loans offering for new home purchase

If your business specifically offers loans for new home purchases then credit score information of the mailing addresses can help you in streamlining your target. For instance, you might not want to send direct mails to the addresses with credit score lower than 580. With the help of credit score mailing lists, you can have the option to reach out to only those customers that fit your financial profile to offer loans for new homes purchases.

Auto loans

Businesses offering auto loans can also focus on only those prospective customers that can avail and afford the rate of interest they are offering with the help of credit score mailing lists. You can pick any prime category of credit score and then have your marketing campaign designed accordingly.

Apart from loan offering companies, other business owners can also use the information hidden in credit score mailing lists for their marketing campaigns.

Credit score tells about financial stability

Mailing addresses with prime and super prime credit details indicates that these homeowners are financially stable and might be able to afford high-end products and services.

Credit score hints about bankruptcy

Credit score mailing lists can help you to red flag the addresses to which you don’t want to send the direct mail. Entries with poor credit scores might have filed for bankruptcy in the near past and engaging with them your marketing campaign may not be such a good idea.

Get updated credit score mailing lists from a professional mailing list broker and find out more about how they can help you with better results of direct mail marketing.


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