Direct Mail Marketing among Millennials: Perception and Reality


There is a widespread perception that the effectiveness of direct mail marketing is only limited to baby boomers and to some extent, to the generation X. The discernment that digital age has engulfed and mutated all conventions of society has been infiltrated so effectively in society that businesses targeting youngsters/generation Y or millennials don’t even consider direct mail as an effective marketing tool.

However, data and facts can’t be molded and tampered with mere perceptions. There is a recent research study conducted that compares the tendencies of millennials towards online and offline marketing. The information emerged out of this study is very contrasting to the propagated stereotypical disposition of millennials. Let’s see what this data entails.

Perception: Millennials don’t go through postal mailboxes

It is believed that only old people regularly check mailboxes and youngsters don’t even know about the concept of postal mailboxes.

Reality: 84% of millennials actually look through their postal mail regularly and 64% of them look for useful information in postal mail than emails. This data clearly shows that direct mail marketing can still be used to reach younger customers.

Perception: Younger customers only pay heed to digital ads

There is no doubt that most of the people using smartphones are actually addicted to their devices. The millennials, particularly, are believed to breathe through their phones and only look forward to everything digital.

Reality: But the reality highlights an opposite trend. Nearly 30% of newspaper and magazine readers are millennials. There is another interesting statistic regarding the penetration of online and offline marketing — around 50% of millennials said that they ignore digital ads and only 15% ignore direct mail.

Perception: Millennials think direct mails are untrustworthy

This perception is absolutely false and most of are more skeptical of online ads.

Reality: 82% millennials are of the thought that messages printed on paper are more trustworthy than digital copies. 90% of people in the age group of 25-34 find the content and message of direct mail marketing reliable, and many of them like to receive promotions and offers through direct mails.

Perception: Millennials are irresponsive to direct mail marketing

Due to this perception, many businesses don’t target younger demographics with their direct mail marketing campaigns. However, there is not much substance to this perception.

Reality: In 2014 alone, 28.9 million millennials made purchases from offline catalogues. These numbers clearly show that they are not irresponsive to offline marketing campaigns, and direct mail marketers can get a better response from this demographic.

It is clearly evident from all this statistical information that the effectiveness and reach of direct mail marketing is not limited to certain age group and demographic. With a good direct mail campaign strategy, one can easily triumph over online marketing.

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