Cluster Appending and Analysis

Clusters are a mailing list demographic/psycho-graphic-grouping product. This will result in a Potential Rating Index by a zip mailing market. Cluster List Appending your customer database will allow each customer to be analyzed into and classified by specific cluster groups. Once the cluster groups have been identified, you can then purchase new prospect lists targeting these specific groups.

Cluster Appending Group Demographics

Clusters were developed as a system to segment the United States population into a number of unique groups. Marketing Lists Direct can currently assign 66 individual cluster groupings with such evocative nicknames as Blue Blood Estates and Gray Power etc. These cluster codes are assigned at the household level for mailing lists.

The two principal cluster products are: the cluster code appending to your current customer file and the rental of new mailing list names based on the cluster analysis of your customer file.

Cluster Database Analysis

Marketing Lists Direct also can access the proprietary software required to cluster code append a client’s database. Through this appending and analysis, Marketing Lists Direct will prepare summary reports, reflecting the composition of a database from the unique cluster perspective. Direct marketing recommendations are then developed from this study.

The analysis will be created by a Cluster Portrait, which will profile and compare the source file against the cluster file. Marketing Lists Direct will then create a report including percentages, indexes, and the general demographic makeup of the clusters. This portrait will become your marketing tool in creating your new mailing list of prospects.

The result of this Cluster Portrait analysis will be the identification and rank ordering of top clusters as revealed by households present on the customer file. This allows us to uncover those characteristics and clusters, most important in identifying target households for the purpose of increasing response and purchase rate. This will in turn give you those customers most likely to purchase your product and match the demographics of your already existing customers.

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